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Weekdays, 6-10 AM

Jay Cruz &
The Morning Brew

weekday mornings 6-10a

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Jay Cruz has never been on a real cruise… Irony at its finest. Raised on the mean streets of Somewhere, Texas, he had to learn to fend for himself - eating nothing but fast food. Jay has annoyed listeners on several radio stations from Texas to Yakima, Washington and back to Tennessee over a 24-year career. He was not our first fit for this position but when we learned he was willing to work for free McD's coupons, we knew he was a GREAT fit!


“Jay” (short for Jason, see what we did there) lives with his wife and toddler Jace! He enjoys great throwback music, cold Modelo and restoring classic cars. While not annoying our listeners, Jason can be found reading, jogging (to McD's of course) or casino gambling with his folks. Join Jay Cruz on the Morning Brew weekdays 6-10am for lifestyle news, weather updates, celebrity gossip and the best music while you drive!

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